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    Polycom RealPresence Group Series 700

    An Easy to Use Solution for Large Meeting Rooms

    The RealPresence Group 700 is designed for larger meeting rooms, training rooms, classrooms, and other workspaces that require additional flexibility in video, audio and content collaboration. Simultaneous 1080p60 video and content sharing is ideal for applications that demand no compromises in clarity and experience. Multiple camera, content and audio inputs and outputs gives you the flexibility to design a solution to meet any application requirements.

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    New Group Series 700 Videoconference Systems (Polycom Warranty)

    Codec Only

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  • Required 1-Yr Service
    $1,074 Added to Cart Price
  • EagleEye 4-12x

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  • Required 1-Yr Service
    $1,540 Added to Cart Price
  • EagleEye 4-12x
    w/1080 $13,165

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  • Required 1-Yr Service
    $1,540 Added to Cart Price
  • EagleEye 4-12x
    w/MMPlus $13,238

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  • Required 1-Yr Service
    $1,540 Added to Cart Price
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    Polycom RealPresence Group Series 700

    Polycom RealPresence Group 700 has flexible design, performance and camera options so you can build a solution for the specific application or use case rather than relying on a "one size fits all" approach, as well as high-performance architecture for the best in video, audio and content clarity now and into the future.

    RealPresence Group 700 systems are designed for larger, multi-purpose room environments. The Polycom EagleEyeIV-12x camera with 12x Zoom is recommended for larger venues. It offers brilliant visual clarity with a 4k sensor. The Group 700 is often installed with multiple cameras to allow front and rear views of classrooms and auditoriums. Optional built-in multipoint can host video calls with up to 8 participants in HD quality. For midsize organizations, this makes RealPresence Group 700 a great fit at a main headquarters location or board room, hosting multipoint calls with other groups, plus mobile and desktop users.

    GAVX No Risk Solution
    All GAVX purchases come with a warranty. New products are drop-shipped direct from the manufacturer distribution center with manufacturer warranty or from GAVX with 1-year GAVX warranty. GAVX tests everything prior to shipment. Pre-owned items come with a GAVX warranty of 3 months to 1 year plus an option to extend the warranty for years by purchasing a service agreement. Each component will be individually protected from damage with original manufacturer's packaging and/or a foam bag, bubble bag, or bubblewrap; and peanuts. There will be a minimum of 2 inches protecting each component from the exterior of the box. We have experienced technical staff available to assist you with installation support and user training if necessary. The GAVX Upgrade Policy allows a customer to trade any pre-owned system they purchase from GAVX, at full purchase value, toward another pre-owned or new system.

    A secure online payment portal is provided for a fast transaction process. If you have special requirements for shipping, like to another location, or three different locations, or by tomorrow at 8am, call us immediately after placing your order online and we will make necessary adjustments to your order.

    Call (727) 388-GAVX for a free conference need consultation, to order by phone with your credit card, or to request overnight shipping.

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