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    Polycom SoundStation IP: VoIP & SIP Conference Phones

    The Polycom SoundStation IP Conferencing phone series brings unbeatable clarity and performance to any size room-from executive offices to board rooms. As an authorized, certified Polycom reseller, GAVX sells new equipment shipped direct from a Polycom distribution center and we purchase trade-ins which are sold as refurbished with 1-year warranty and technical support.

    Click on a picture below or a link in the left margin for detailed product descriptions, pictures, pricing, accessory prices and specifications on another GAVX website devoted to that product group. You may click the back button to return to this page. You can buy them online or call our US based staff for a free professional consultation.

    SoundStation Duo
    New $619

    Click picture for detailed product information.
    SoundStation Duo
    Refurb $199

    Click picture for detailed product information.
    SoundStation IP 5000
    New $439

    Click picture for detailed product information.
    SoundStation IP 5000
    Refurb $189

    Click picture for detailed product information.
    SoundStation IP 6000
    New $679

    Click picture for detailed product information.
    SoundStation IP 6000
    Refurb $249

    Click picture for detailed product information.
    SoundStation IP 7000
    New $979

    Click picture for detailed product information.
    SoundStation IP 7000
    Refurb $299

    Click picture for detailed product information.

    SoundStation IP Series

    Only Polycom IP conference phones deliver audio performance and 360 degree microphone pickup required for efficient and productive conference calls while leveraging your existing VoIP infrastructure for maximum cost savings.

    Polycom SoundStation IP Series connects directly to your Ethernet LAN connection provided you have a compatible VoIP switch of your own or you are subscribed to a compatible hosted VoIP service. Most hosted VoIP services are compatible with Polycom because Polycom led the market to VoIP and is still a market leader in IP telephony. Polycom phones are compatible with Asterisk based switches and Broadsoft among others. Asterisk is an Open Source VoIP telephone system developed by Digium and thousands of freelance programmers. Digium's Switchvox is one of hundreds of switches derived from Asterisk. Broadsoft is a switch used by many of the world's largest Internet and Communications Service Providers. You may call us at 847-289-1100 to verify that your provider or switch supports Polycom VoIP phones.

    Polycom Service Agreements

    A service agreement provides technical support by phone, overnight replacement of failed components, and unlimited access to software upgrades. We recommend Total Coverage because of the higher experience level of their technicians and more professional handling of customer concerns.

    GAVX No Risk Solution
    All GAVX purchases come with a warranty. New products are drop-shipped direct from the manufacturer distribution center with manufacturer warranty or from GAVX with 1-year GAVX warranty. GAVX tests everything prior to shipment. Pre-owned items come with a GAVX warranty of 3 months to 1 year plus an option to extend the warranty for years by purchasing a service agreement. Each component will be individually protected from damage with original manufacturer's packaging and/or a foam bag, bubble bag, or bubblewrap; and peanuts. There will be a minimum of 2 inches protecting each component from the exterior of the box. We have experienced technical staff available to assist you with installation support and user training if necessary. The GAVX Upgrade Policy allows a customer to trade any pre-owned system they purchase from GAVX, at full purchase value, toward another pre-owned or new system.

    A secure online payment portal is provided for a fast transaction process. If you have special requirements for shipping, like to another location, or three different locations, or by tomorrow at 8am, call us immediately after placing your order online and we will make necessary adjustments to your order.

    Call (727) 388-GAVX for a free conference need consultation, to order by phone with your credit card, or to request overnight shipping.

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